Wednesday 22 June 2011

The Body-Mind Connection

Have you noticed that when we are disturbed and thinking a lot, our eyes keep moving around unfocussed and hazy? When we are anxious, we tend to hold our breath. When we are relieved, we exhale slow and long. When we are angry and disagree with someone, our body becomes rigid and closed.

The close connection of body and mind should not come as a surprise. The mind was made to control every part of the body, being the headquarters. The body was made to work well and send warning signals to the mind in case of anything going wrong.

However, we are so immersed in the outside material world, busy making money, partying, indulging in tasty food and drink and other temptations to our senses, that we have forgotten the real reason that our body and mind exist for.

When we focus our mind on too many things and negativity, instead of on taking care of the body and then keep the body busy with all kinds of garbage dumped in it, instead of letting it function naturally, things slowly go awry.

The mind and body are connected through a unique wiring of nerves. And the energy to ‘act’ is transferred through energy channels called meridians. When we abuse the mind and body, problems occur in their connection. Toxins and impurities block the channels and body and mind begin to suffer through gradual suffocation due to lack of nutrients and energy. What results is an expected tirade of physical, psychological and emotional diseases.

There are a few options getting out of this trap. Chemicals in the form of medicines can be resorted to, Ayurveda provides many solutions and along with alternative therapies, we have a chance to heal.

Alternative therapies like Foot Reflexology, Massage, Aromatherapy, Reiki, Scrubs and Wraps help in removing the blockages and in clearing up energy channels. We cannot live a completely ideal lifestyle in this day and age but alternative therapies on a regular basis can help prevent permanent blockages in meridians.

This is how these therapies can help heal a person or prevent diseases. It is simple logic that our ancestors understood years ago and have passed on to us. The solution is in our hands. We just need to choose it. 

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