Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Reduce Fat with Body Wrap

People find it hard to believe that you can ‘reduce’ with something like Body Wraps. Most of them wave it off as a marketing gimmick.

However, if we look a little deeper into the science of Body Wraps, we might understand why such a claim is made.

Firstly, body wraps may not help you lose weight, but they do help in losing inches.

How Does This Work?

A body wrap contains certain special herbal ingredients like kelp, mud, chocolate, coffee or seasonal fruits etc. These add their own unique properties to the wrap and work on the skin. A generous layer of the wrap is applied on the whole body. The client is then covered with a warm sheet or blanket.

While the client relaxes for 20-45 minutes, the wrap slowly tightens the skin and makes its firm. It helps mobilize the thick layer of cellulite (fat cells) in the subcutaneous layer of the skin. This mobilized fat dissolves internally and is removed by the body through natural ways.

Many times, results are seen after the first wrap itself. Regular wrap regime help maintain firmness, glow and health of the skin as well as aid in inch loss.

Other Factors for Inch Loss

Many clients ask or demand for a guarantee that a body wrap will help then reduce fat. At this point it is important for the therapist to explain as well as the client to understand that Body Wrap is an alternative therapy. It works slowly but surely.

However, there are other factors like lifestyle, diet, lack of exercise, stress, etc. that also contribute to fat storage in the body. If the client continues to follow wrong habits, fat will keep accumulating every time and Wraps would provide only temporary relief.

Small, positive lifestyle changes clubbed with Body Wraps, however, speed up the process for healthy fat reduction.

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