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The Close Relation Between Stress and Diabetes

What Does Mental Stress Do to the Body?

When there is mental stress, the body perceives an unknown threat and reacts to protect itself. The body becomes stiff and tight, heart rate increases, blood pressure increases, digestion slows down and the Adrenal Glands secrete more Adrenalin (the fight and flight hormone) to combat the situation.

Effects of Stress on the Pancreas

The Endocrine System (hormonal system) is complex and all Endocrine Glands are inter-related. So, when a person is stressed, the Endocrine System gets disturbed and this causes a chain reaction in all the glands.

The Pancreas generally secretes ferments that are essential for digestion and absorption of food. It also secretes Insulin which is needed to regulate the sugar levels in the blood. In stress, the Pancreas may fail to secrete these in the required amount.

Moreover, even if the Pancreas does secrete right amount of Insulin, stress also affects functioning of each cell in the body. As a result, the cells may become insensitive to the amount of Insulin in the blood, thus affecting the blood sugar levels.

Blood tests then show presence of excess sugar and the person is declared a Diabetic. It is important to note here that sometimes we may be assuming a person is Diabetic even though Insulin levels in the blood are normal. It is the cells’ insensitivity that may be causing the rise in blood sugar.

How Does this Affect Digestion?

As mentioned earlier, due to stress, the Pancreas may fail to secrete right amount of ferments required by the digestive system. As a result the person belches, experiences a sour burning taste in the mouth and looks for medication and antacids for immediate relief. But pills do not help remove the root cause of the problem.


The pills taken for Diabetes artificially regulate the blood sugar levels, not giving the body a chance to correct or adapt to the situation on its own. However, after a certain stage, taking these pills and injections becomes necessary. But to avoid reaching this stage, we can try our best to control or reverse the condition through natural ways.

What is the Solution Then?

Firstly, we must understand that disease is caused by a disharmony in body, mind and spirit. We should treat ourselves on all three levels.

Especially in the starting stages, Diabetes can be reversed by lifestyle change, control in food habits and exercise.

Lifestyle & Exercise

  • Incorporating some yoga exercises and relaxation techniques helps combat stress.
  • Try and develop a hobby that involves physical activity. This helps quieten the mind.
  • Try and avoid getting angry.
  • Keep a positive attitude in everything you do.
  • Morning walk of 45 minutes helps maintain health, weight and blood circulation.

Food Habits

  • Eating Papaya is good for the stomach as it has enzymes that help in digestion.
  • Restrict intake of Proteins and processed sugar.
  • Avoid overeating and eating in between meals.
  • Avoid drinking water with meals.
  • Eat lots of roughage i.e. salad and raw fruits (which are low in sugar)

Alternative Therapies

Swedish Massage helps to relax the body and mind. It improves blood circulation, helping to prevent Neuropathy. It stimulates digestion and elimination, thus improving absorption of nutrition in the body and removal of toxins from the body. When emphasis is given on lymphatic drainage, massage helps in improving immunity and maintaining functions of the body.

Traditional Foot Reflexology has been found to be a great stress buster. It helps maintain blood circulation in the feet and stimulates organs for better functioning. It helps stimulate each Endocrine Gland and remove toxins.

A Diabetic patient needs to take care of his / her skin. Many a times, especially in the feet, a lot of dead skin accumulates. Body Scrubs help in removing it. Click Here to read more about it.

Body Wraps help keep the skin supple and taut and helps in breakdown of excess fat.


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