Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Reiki Healing

About Reiki
Dr. Mikao Usui

Reiki is fast becoming a popular healing therapy. As awareness of alternative therapies increases, people are resorting to this amazing energy healing technique.

Reiki, in Japanese means Universal Life-force Energy. Some form or other of energy healing has been practiced since ancient times. There are many stories of healing powers of Saints and Yogis. There are also stories of Jesus Christ healing people, in the Bible. However, one can say that this secret to healing was rediscovered by Dr. Mikao Usui in Japan.

Passed on from person to person, this knowledge and ability to heal has been spread to many practitioners today over the world.

How Does Reiki Work?

There is a very powerful, positive healing energy in the Universe. An attuned practitioner of Reiki becomes a channel for this energy to flow through them, to the patient/ client via their hands.

This energy is sent to every Chakra (Energy Centre) of the body. It is said that most diseases and imbalances in the body are due to blockages in the energy flow of the body.

This is also explained in Yoga when talking about Pranayama. In Yoga, Prana is the bio-energy that is responsible for functioning of the body. Through Pranayama, this energy is channelled correctly and harnessed, and that leads to longer lifespan and good physical and mental health.

In the same way, Reiki is that positive life-force energy that flows into the body, healing you, removing your toxins and opening up the channels.
Jesus Christ Healing the sick

Reiki Treatment Procedure

Many people find the concept of Reiki strange and unbelievable, but after a therapy session, I have found many people raise their eyebrows incredulously and claiming that, “It really worked!” To those who doubt Reiki, I’d just say, try not to judge something without knowing about/ trying it properly.

A typical therapy session would involve clearing negative energies from the room first. Then the client lies on the back, relaxed, with eyes closed. The therapist starts from the head, spends some time on each chakra and moves down to the feet. Then the same is done with the client lying face down. It is possible that the client may fall asleep during the session, which is quite common and it does not affect the healing.  

Reiki can be used for local healing eg. small cuts and wounds, and can even be sent over a distance eg. the practitioner from his/ her own home can send it to the client who is at his/ her home.

Benefits of Reiki

Reiki is a very safe technique. It has been found to help cure almost all problems under the sun, including physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual. There is still a lot to discover when it comes to the potential of Reiki in healing. It has been found useful in curing sleeplessness, breathing problems, stress, pain, swellings, emotional and past issues, etc. to name just a few. Of course, a note of caution, it does not mean that you do not take medical treatments if your body requires it.

It has almost no side effects. However, some people experience a little increase of pain/ problem before they are healed. This is because Reiki leads to removal of toxins in the natural way. So, the body tries to remove through the usual methods – urine, cold, cough, faeces, sweat and even some emotional release like crying. These all differ from person to person and don’t necessarily occur.

After Reiki

During Reiki, one generally feels warm in the part being healed. In my experience, there have been many people who feel vibrations, waves, tingling sensation and even cold. Some even claim to have seen some visions. They feel relaxed and positive after the session and sometimes in just the first session or after regular healing sessions, see a marked improvement in their condition.

So if you’re looking for a natural way of healing, do try Reiki. You may be surprised, like many others before you.

Stay Well !!

-          ­Ankita Shah
Reiki Master, Yoga Teacher,
Reflexologist, Massage Therapist.