Monday, 26 November 2012

10 Tips to Become a Successful Therapist (Part I)

Whether you are an employer or employee or working on a freelance basis, there are some qualities that make an exceptional therapist of you. Read on if you want to stand out of the crowd and make a sure and happy future of yourself.

1. Choose your trainer wisely – For an aspiring therapist, there is nothing worse than a ill-informed teacher. Half-baked knowledge will only make half-baked therapists who have no idea what they are doing. A trainer should be one who is always ready to answer questions, is available to you during and even after your course is over to share experiences, questions and guidance. Enrolling for a course may not be cheap, but it is a very good investment. However, like with every investment, be careful to do your homework and check if the course you are joining for is in your best interest. Read online reviews, meet the trainers beforehand, ask as many questions as you like, study the body language of the trainer and judge his / her genuineness. Take your time to decide and once you do, have full faith in your teacher.

2. Be genuine – Be honest in your interaction with your client. Do not take the client for granted. They can be even more informed and experienced than you and can make out how genuine you are. If they are happy with you, they will spread the word among family and friends and help you increase your business.

3. Be professional – If working in a spa / salon, there is no question of being unprofessional or casual. You must follow the rules of the trade, even when your boss is not looking. However, the problem arises when one is working as an individual or hobby. Many things are taken for granted. However, you can be different if you have a professional attitude. Not just the way you communicate with the client, but also your preparations, equipment, planning, etc. can be innovative and professional. For example, when going on house-calls or treating clients at your own home, keep a portable stereo with soothing music to create a mood and ambiance. Add some interesting twists or complementary additions to your therapy.

4. Learn by Experience – A trainer can only teach you the techniques and share their own experiences. However, real learning happens when you have experienced for yourself. So make sure the course you join allows you to have enough practical experience to gain confidence. Before beginning commercially, treat your family, friends and relatives for free. Get as much feedback and learning from them as possible. This will increase your field experience and confidence.

5. Hygiene and responsibility – Hygiene is extremely important not just for the client but also for your own health. Make sure you use sanitized equipment, sanitize your hands, keep your nails short and make sure that the client is not suffering from any infections or other disease that can be transmitted. It is your responsibility to ensure the client is fit for treatment and to see that no disease is spread to other clients through you. Explain patiently to the client the reason you have to refuse them in such cases. They will only respect the decision, understanding that you care about your clients’ safety.

(To be continued...)

Writer: Mr. Pinakin Shah, Founder and Trainer at Pristine Senses Academy
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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Testimonial - Mr. Chirag & Mrs. Nikky Bhatia

Mr. Chirag Bhatia with Mr. Pinakin Shah
"Earlier I thought, massage is about knowing the right strokes and techniques. But at Pristine I understood that KNOWLEDGE is most important.

Through very comprehensive theory classes we accumulated lot of knowledge and in regular practicals we mastered the techniques.


Mr. Pinakin Shah and Ms. Ankita Shah have asked us to come back whenever we have any doubts. This leaves us with a very comfortable and relaxed feeling that they are always there to back us.


- Mr. Chirag Bhatia
Reflexology (Pro), 
Swedish Massage, Balinese Massage, 
Body Scrubs & Body Wraps

Ms. Ankita Shah with Mrs. Nikky Bhatia

"We came here to learn the program and are walking out as experts. I like the professional approach Pristine followed.

After visiting a couple of spas I realized that what I have learnt at Pristine is much more professional and ideal. I would rate Pristine as one of the best places to learn such healing therapies."

- Mrs. Nikky Bhatia
Reflexology (Pro), 
Swedish Massage, Balinese Massage, 
Body Scrubs & Body Wraps