Monday, 29 August 2011

It Takes Time to Heal

Alternative Medicine is not magic, it is a science based on hundreds of years of experience and experimentation. It helps heal the body naturally, without any use of chemicals that bring about strong and instant reactions in the body. For this very reason, it takes time to bring about healing.

No disease occurs suddenly. It manifests slowly and if the signs are recognized at an early stage, preventive measures can be taken. However, not everyone knows how to read the signs and they finally realize only when they really feel unbearable pain or sickness. At this stage, they might come to you for healing and look for immediate results after the first session itself.

As therapists, it is our responsibility to first explain to them how healing takes place. In any kind of alternative medicine, energy channels are cleared up and healing is stimulated. Toxins come out in natural forms like sweat, mucous, urine, etc. Since the elimination process is natural, it will take time and will depend on the regularity of the treatments. 

You can even include this information as a clause in the consent form the clients will fill and sign. They are welcome to take a trial session first, and if they like it, advice them to book the next session (it is up to you to judge how often they need treatment). They are likely to ask how long it will take to heal. Inform them that recovery time depends on the nature and intensity of the problem, the reaction of the client's body to the treatment, frequency of treatment, etc. It is different for everyone and can be gauged with regular treatment. You can take notes and record the progress of each client for a better study.

However, remember that alternative medicine is not a replacement for medical treatment. Make sure clients with serious problems have a doctor's written approval. 

After each session, ask for client feedback on how they feel. Call them the next day to see how they are progressing. But emphasize on regularity!! Otherwise all efforts on both parts will be void. 

Work hard and keep healing!!

Monday, 8 August 2011

Flexibility Brings More Business!

Did you know that the more flexible your body is, the more flexible and adjusting your nature becomes? In fact, in Palmistry, it is believed that if the thumb is flexible and you can bend backwards almost to 90 degrees, you are of flexible nature. Try it and see what your nature really is like!

But no, in terms of business I don't mean you get more customers if you do gymnastics...

Flexibility in service- customization, is the one thing a customer looks for when going in for any kind of therapy, may it be a foot massage, hair treatment, or even just applying nail polish.

People love being pampered, but they want to be pampered in their way, not yours. Whether we believe it or not, having a fixed package or style of doing things will not bring you more business.

For example, a customer is coming to you for a foot reflexology treatment. However, he is having shoulder pain and would like to also have a short neck, head and shoulder massage as the icing on the cake. It is true that foot reflexology alone can help in relieving most of the pain, but isn't it relaxing and oh so satisfying to have a last minute (complementary) surprise addition to your treatment?

It shows that the therapist cares for what the customer feels, needs and wants, and is not only after making a quick buck.

When sitting in the waiting room in one of the foot spas, I came across one such a customer who requested something additional for his pain but was told, "Sorry, we have only these and these treatments. We cannot help you." It is sad to see that even spas, made for pampering the clients, claiming to 'give you a most satisfying experience' are so inflexible when it comes to your needs.

If you charge by the hour and are going to the client's house to treat them, make it a point not to have other appointments too close to each other. Some clients find it easier to open up to you after a treatment and share their feelings. 5-10 minutes more will not kill you. It will only build a stronger image of you in your client's mind. Of course, some people have a habit of going on and on, but a therapist must have the skill to be able to wind up the talk on time.

This time for emotional release is very important for clients, because most problems result from those emotions, which are released with therapy. During the therapy, it is better to not talk, so the only time one can talk is after.

The client is the most important person. If they feel they are being cared for and are getting real quality service, they will tell others about you. Soon you will have a long list of clientele without even much of marketing on your part. Your business will grow, only by spending a few extra minutes with each client.

Do share your thoughts, comments and experiences when it comes to serving the client in your own special way. What else do you do for increasing your clientele without much expenditure on marketing?

Stay Well !!