Sunday, 18 September 2016

Massage Therapy – A Solution to Your Neck Pain

Fed up of the nagging neck pain that prevents you from living your normal life? Well, it’s time to take some action and nip it in the bud.

During our treatments, we have found that many people of different age groups suffer from neck pain. Sometimes it radiates to the head and shoulders. Sometimes it is acute and at other times, chronic. Depending on your age, profession and lifestyle details, a therapist can tell a lot about the cause of your neck pain.

Mental stress, wrong posture, cervical spondylosis or spasm of the neck muscles due to heavy weight lifting etc. are some of the causes that make the neck muscles tight, inelastic and painful. If left untreated for a long time, the condition can worsen and become chronic.

What is the Solution to the Neck Pain?

massage for neck painMassage Therapy: The muscles that are always tight need to be gently reminded on how to relax. Massage therapy can help in gently moulding, stretching and heating the muscles, slowly training them to let go. There are some specific techniques that therapists use, such as pressure points, shiatsu, soft kneading, etc. which can even bring about immediate pain relief.

Reflexology and Sujok Therapy: These two therapies are known not only for pain relief but also for helping to cure a range of conditions. Reflexology is done on the feet using the concepts of acupressure and meridian theory while sujok is a similar therapy done with tools, seeds, magnets and colours on the palms of the hands. They can target specific regions for pain relief, better functioning of the body and relaxation.

Yoga: The ancient science of yoga was created for maintaining the health of the spine. With its gentle stretches, bends and moves clubbed with breathing, yoga not only loosens up your muscles but also helps to correct your posture, de-stress and gain balanced mental and physical health.

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Home Care: Now this one is in your hands. A therapist can greatly help you but if you can make a few additional changes personally, you are sure to keep suffering at bay. So, firstly, be aware of your posture and correct it. Secondly, take some time out to do something you enjoy to de-stress. Thirdly, use alternate hot and cold compress on the painful areas. (Avoid hot compress if the area is swollen or red).

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