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10 Steps to Reduce Pot Belly for Men

 'Pot belly’ or ‘beer belly’ is a very common condition that almost all men suffer from after the age of 25. Unfortunately, this condition is not taken very seriously, except in terms of aesthetics and looks. In fact, large abdomen in men is a warning sign for many diseases like obesity, diabetes, heart conditions, endocrine conditions, etc.

Why wait till it’s too late? Why not take some preventive or remedial measures from now. You do not need to go to experts to reduce the belly, unless it is an extreme case. There are some simple steps you can take to make small changes in your lifestyle that will work wonders:

1. Start Early: You may not even have a pot belly right now, but that does not mean that you will not in the future. Most diseases that occur at an older age are a result of our actions when we are younger. If you are a smoker or drink heavily, your lungs and liver will survive and struggle for a few years and so nothing will happen when you are in your 20’s. But the organs ultimately do give up in the future when they are not strong enough anymore. Cancer, liver disease, respiratory problems, all are a long-term result of the same. So do not wait until you are old. Start creating good habits from now.  

2. Food: Avoid staying hungry for long times, avoid overeating. Large meals put a lot of load on the stomach and intestine to digest. Chances are that a lot of food will be stored as fat instead of used for energy, especially if you are not physically active. Have a large amount of salad – especially cucumber and tomato just before every meal, reduce alcohol and sugar intake, processed food and fast food like soft drinks, fries and burgers. Eat more raw food like fruits. You will find that they are so much tastier and satisfying than cooked food. It de-toxifies the body, makes you feel light and healthy and, over time, you won’t even feel like polluting your body with unhealthy food.

3. Walk: Pot belly has two causes, one is high calorie intake and second is a sedentary lifestyle. A good one hour walk first thing in the morning helps improve blood circulation, improves digestion, improves stamina, prevents many diseases and is very refreshing. Try and walk amongst nature, in the park rather than in a closed environment like a gym. Spending quiet time with nature calms the mind.

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4. Play: Play sports, go for a swim, cycle. Why is this important? Because overeating and weight gain are related to emotions. De-stressing can solve a lot of problems. Playing with kids is the best exercise for body and mind and it is so enjoyable that it doesn’t even feel like effort. Spend time with family and maintain good relations. Care for others. This creates positive feelings and emotions which lead to a happy and healthy life.

5. Posture: When walking and sitting, keep your back straight. This helps to tuck in the abdomen automatically and keeps it toned. Erect spine also has many health benefits. Wrong posture affects the nervous signals in the central nervous system i.e. brain and spine. Keeping the spine erect keeps the channel clear and the spine healthy, which in turn keeps the body and mind healthy.  

6. Relax: Some relaxation time, especially for the mind is essential during the day. The entire day goes in stress where the mind and body are both tense. This leads to emotions, indulgence and irritability. Some Yogic relaxation techniques like Savasana, for at least 15 minutes during the day can work wonders.

7. Body-Mind Therapies: A full Body Massage or Foot Reflexology therapy twice a month helps to improve digestion, remove toxins from the body, tone the muscles and reduce excess fat and cellulite on the body. It not only relaxes you physically but it a very important therapy for relaxing and soothing the mind.

8. Yoga: Yoga is more than physical exercise. It involves correct lifestyle, habits and attitude. All this combined prevents all kinds of problems. Apart from walking, simple Yogic stretches and Asanas for the body and some breathing techniques and attitude changes for the mind are very effective. This is more effective than gymming because exercises in the gym lead to build-up of muscle mass which turns into fat if the exercises are discontinued for a little while. Yogic exercises are scientifically designed to exercise even the internal organs which improves their tenacity and functioning.  

9. Accept yourself: No one in the world is perfect. Do not worry of what others think about you. Everyone is busy worrying about themselves anyway. Accept yourself and your body, be happy and confident and that alone will free you from a lot of problems, physical as well as mental.

10. Health Checkup: A pot belly can lead to many diseases but it can also be a symptom of an existing condition. After the age of 40, regular health check-ups are a must for every individual. Early diagnosis of a disease can lead to quick cure or prevention. Make sure you consult a doctor and start taking regular calcium and vitamins, either through diet or supplements, as advised. Remember, the most important thing in the world is your own health.
These changes are not at all difficult to make in life. Start with one and continue it religiously till it becomes part of your daily routine. It is not much to ask, good habits are worth the effort. Slowly, keep adding more to your routine and watch your life and health change.

Why spend money on pills and doctors when your health is in your own hands?

Stay Healthy !!

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Monday, 21 January 2013

Geriatric Massage - Massage for Senior Citizens

What is Geriatric Massage?

Geriatric Massage is a specialized massage for senior citizens, that lasts for approximately 30 minutes. It is a modified form of Swedish Massage (soft tissue) that is suited to the sensitive and delicate skin and muscle structure or the elderly.

We have found through experience that gentle massage which is soothing and relaxing turns out to be all the more enjoyable for senior citizens as they are in need of caring physical touch and emotional support. Many of our elders experience loneliness, fear of death and disease, fear of being dependent and of course, suffer from certain age-related health conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, nervous disorders, etc. This leads to tension, anxiety and physical weakness which are relieved through Geriatric Massage.

Need for Geriatric Massage

It is not necessary that all senior citizens are weak and suffering from disease. Many of our elders are more fit than us as they used to have a lot of physical activity during their younger days. However, those who are fit also require regular massage because with age, the muscles have comparatively less capacity and strength and blood and lymph circulation is also less.

Geriatric massage is especially important for those who are not very mobile or are on the wheel chair. It includes light stretching, reflexology and massage on hands and feet and gentle manipulation of muscles which helps in improving the posture, circulation, relaxation, gives relief in pain and in conditions like arthritis, gout, Parkinson’s, etc. It helps to release toxins from the body, improves respiration, digestion, better sleep, helps to maintain sensation in extremities and moisture, texture and tone of skin and muscles.

This therapy is mainly taken as a preventive therapy to help avoid health conditions and to keep the joints and extremities in good condition.

Requirements of a Geriatric Massage Therapist

A therapist performing Geriatric Massage needs to have knowledge not only of massage techniques but also knowledge of psychology, etiquette, nervous system, hygiene, diseases, medication and their repercussions on health and skin and how they would affect the massage procedure.

There can be some health conditions that are contraindicated in Geriatric Massage and so the therapist should do a thorough client assessment before beginning the treatment and ask for a doctor’s certificate where necessary. The therapist needs to be sensitive to the client’s feelings and reactions during the treatment. Even a slight excess pressure can cause pain and discomfort. There will be no fixed system of massage, it would differ from client to client. There is no place for deep tissue massage in Geriatric Massage. Even if the client may have excess cellulite, deep tissue massage may lead to pain and soreness after a few hours.

In this therapy, special care is taken to make sure the client is in a comfortable position and is kept warm. In most cases, clients will not be comfortable lying in the prone (face down) position and so massage has to be done in such a way that both sides are covered without moving the client.

Geriatric Massage is a highly underrated but a much needed therapy. There is still not much awareness of this technique in India. So it is our duty as trained massage therapists to spread awareness for the benefit of our elders. A good place to start our practice would be in our own family, hospitals and old age homes.

Our elders need to feel cared for and if done by a close family member, the feeling of well-being, positivity and happiness generated from Geriatric Massage can be manifold.

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