Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Prevention v/s Cure

God has made nature according to a beautiful, foolproof design. He has created our body with a strong immune system that fights its own battles with foreign pathogens and with every new type of infection, the body learns and evolves on its own.

But, the pathogens that infect us are also living organisms that have to keep evolving to survive. They keep changing and infect the body. But since the body too is evolving, an ongoing battle ensues between them, which finally results in survival of the fittest. This process leads to many tweaks and improvements in our immune system over generations.

However our present generation is fast depleting in health and immunity. Why is that?

Most of our grandfathers and forefathers are known to have healthy body and sharp mind and have lived to 80-90 years of age. But these days we see even 25 year old men dying of heart attacks, obese teenage women, more and more people with blood pressure and sugar problems and lower life expectancy.

The difference between our ancestors and us is that they lived a more physical life. Recreation involved games in the fields, climbing trees, playing marbles and gili-danda. There was no TV and occasionally some radio programs. But today, we have video games, iPads, movies and books to replace all the physical activity. This sedentary lifestyle coupled with faulty diet of junk and preserved food is the first step towards our own downfall.

To top that, with every cold, flu and infection, we are now more dependent on artificial cures like chemical medication, surgery etc. that is provided to us by modern medicine.

Due to this dependence on medicine and antibiotics, the natural immunity of the body is not given a chance to develop and it keeps weakening and loses its ability to adapt to changing environments. With even a common cold, we have got into the habit of popping pills and antibiotics, because we want comfort and quick results.

What’s worse is that at the same time, the pathogens that are infecting us are adapting continuously to fight these chemicals and overcome them.

A recent report from The Independent by Jeremy Laurence, published in the Times of India has shown that many antibiotics are now proving to be useless in face of the evolved pathogens and soon, even a minor cut can lead to deadly infection.
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Our mistakes here are very clear. We need to live according to nature’s evolving design rather than depending on artificial substances. Of course, modern medicine has its own place. In some cases when one requires immediate attention for a chronic condition, one needs medicine to keep the situation under control. But otherwise, God has given our body everything it needs to survive. Let us work more towards prevention.

We cannot avoid stressful work conditions in this day and age. However, there are age old therapies that help us to remain relaxed, keep the mind and body healthy and help prevent diseases by increasing immunity.

Swedish and Balinese Massage are perfect for physical and mental wellbeing. Not only do they help maintain muscle tenacity but also help in stress relief, improving digestion, improving blood circulation, prevent muscle damage, keep the joints fit and remove toxins from the body.

Specially made body scrubs and wraps, with their herbal ingredients, help in times of fever, joint pain, improve blood circulation, help reduce excess fat and help in pain relief.

Foot Reflexology also has been an ancient healing and preventive therapy. Using the points on the feet, the whole body is stimulated for better functioning. It too helps in removing toxins from the body, pain relief and preventing and curing diseases.

Finally, if one follows the Yoga way of life and maintains fair amount of discipline in sleep and meal habits as well as in the mental attitude, one remains physically and emotionally strong.

Let us take advantage of these foolproof ancient sciences of life and become self-sufficient. A healthy body and sound mind leads to a happy and peaceful life. 

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