Sunday, 2 October 2016

Celebrating Gandhi’s Passion for Nature Cure

On 2nd October, Gandhi Jayanti, we remember a great man who was instrumental in changing our nation through some very powerful tools of Truth and Non-Violence.  A man deeply rooted in principles, he always wished for the welfare of the nation and its people.

A well known fact is that Mahatma Gandhi was a great promoter of Naturopathy, i.e. the use of natural elements like water, air, sun, earth, correct diet, etc for healing and treatment. His experience and experimentation with naturopathy made him believe that it is a must better and more affordable line of treatment than modern medicine.

In fact, having benefitted immensely from nature cure, Gandhiji established a nature cure centre close to Pune where people from all walks of life could take advantage of this ancient science.

Some important elements in Naturopathy treatment include many hands-on healing techniques like massage, face and body mud packs, etc. Over hundreds of years, forms of massage have been used to improve the blood circulation and elasticity of the muscles. It also helps in better functioning of the body organs and removal of toxins from the body. Even body scrubs and masks have been used for detoxification and beauty using natural ingredients.

So can you imagine, if even one person in every household has the knowledge of these healing therapies, how much better and healthier the world would be? We would be less dependent on painkillers and medicines. We would be one with nature, just like our bodies were meant to be. And so many problems could be avoided at all stages of life.

At Pristine Senses Academy, we have made it our endeavor to change the world, one household at a time. By introducing international standard, easy and fun to learn short-term customized courses in Swedish Massage Therapy, Balinese Massage Therapy, Foot Reflexology, Body Scrubs and Body Wraps, we wish to empower at least one member of every family to be able to heal themselves, their loved ones and even others.

Learning these therapies provides a good opportunity to use these skills as a profession or as a selfless service to the society. Knowledge, after all, never goes waste, especially the knowledge of healing.

So join us in celebrating Gandhiji’s legacy and help heal the world through love and positive energy. 

Write to us today to find out more. 

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