Monday, 17 October 2016

Massage Therapy : A Luxury or Necessity?

Even in this day and age, most people in today’s society are under the impression that massage therapy is a luxury for the rich who have money to throw. There is of course, a good reason for this belief. Due to the spa culture today, most massage therapies are quite expensive for the common man to afford.

Even if someone does opt for getting massage, it may be from some untrained masseuse who claims to have been self-taught or taught by ancestors and charges only Rs. 300-500.
However, here are two eye openers for you :

  • Massage therapy is an absolute necessity for most people today.
  • In the process of saving money, getting a massage from an untrained person causes more harm than good.

As an experiment, we took massage therapy from some of the ‘Desi Masseuses’ and found that apart from a couple of basic techniques, most other techniques they use aren’t just wrong, but are harmful. For example, most of them were found to be massaging the legs downwards instead of upwards towards the heart. This can create major circulation issues in the future.

On the other hand, if massage is taken from a trained therapist, there are many benefits to it:

Improved Blood Circulation – Right techniques of massage boost blood circulation in the body which means that every single cell of the body gets activated. This helps improved functioning of each organ and removal of toxins from the body. This is especially necessary for diabetes patients as their blood circulation becomes sluggish.

Improved Digestion – Almost everyone suffers from some or other digestive problem. Massage therapy over the stomach and intestine area helps improve the movement of food through your digestive tract, stimulates flow of digestive juices and improves digestion and elimination.

Elasticity of Muscles – For those whose lifestyle is sedentary, massage is essential to maintain the health of the muscles. On the other hand, those who work out a lot, require massage to loosen up the tightness that builds in the muscles.

Mental Relaxation – Relaxing the body is not enough. Most diseases today originate in the mind due to stress, anger, anxiety, etc. The real cure is to stimulate mental relaxation which can only be achieved through the hands of a trained  therapist. The state of mind then achieved is similar to that of Yogic relaxation techniques.

These are just some of the reasons that everyone should opt for regular massages every month. However, if you still feel that spa treatment is too much to ask for, there are many who choose to learn massage themselves rather than hire untrained therapists.

We have had many couples coming to learn the correct massage techniques from us in order to treat each other and their families. Learning massage through our customized, specially designed courses is easier and more fun than you can imagine and you will learn much more about yourself and your body in the process.

We believe that if one member in each household knows these therapies, we will have a naturally healthier society as a whole.

Stay Well, Stay Happy.

Pinakin Shah
Pristine Senses Academy
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